A Journey in Paint & Words

Travis Tyler Brimner is in the business of reminding you of, preserving & celebrating the hidden moments of triumph in your life, and he does this by creating one of a kind pieces of art that reflect your individuality as told through the prism of one of your life experiences. He captures your moment in a custom abstract painting and written narrative, presenting you with the beauty of your accomplishment and of your life.

There are four parts to each commission:

The Discovery – You choose. I am your instrument, your committed listener, your witness, and together we will discover a moment of your life that is ripe for exploration and documentation. Your mind is your most powerful asset and we’ll canvass it, and identify the theme to be fully explored in your abstract portrait. Demonstrable, powerful & transformative, we will chronicle this moment in paint and words. We will sign and date a promise letter that binds us to confidentiality; your story and experience are honored and respected.  This becomes the basis for your commission.

The Studies – This will be your first look at the themes that will be explored and visualized in your final painting. Texture, color, proportions and other qualities will be looked at in the studies. In fact, you’ll see several studies and have your choice of one or more for me to re-imagine in your preferred size.

The Painting – This bespoke canvas is your portrait in paint. It is a moment of your triumphant life captured in the moment of becoming. A crowning achievement or personal aspiration…contemplative, sophisticated & meaningful. Modern and abstract.

The Narrative – Although a picture is worth a thousand words, words can add nuance to nuances.  The custom narrative brings your painting into context and focuses your sights on thematic details, and prescient bits of your journey. Your experience first captured in memory, then transferred to paint & now chronicled, meticulously designed, assembled & printed…all tailor-made to emphasize your personal empowerment.

Reserve your Journey in Paint & Words, call 646-961-3615 or email the studio at info@travisbrimner.com for a consultation.

Tasteful, Elegant & Empowering: Witnessing, Canvassing & Chronicling the Healing Mind