Artist Travis Tyler Brimner’s Journey

Travis-Tyler-Brimner-portrait-InstagramBefore he began painting in earnest, artist Travis Tyler Brimner existed in the flesh, but not in the spirit. He had the motions down, but without intention they were empty. Following society’s invisible yet undoubtable push to conform to the status quo, he grew hardened, cynical and angry. The dead ends never occurred to be dead ends, but just disappointments in a large sea of larger disappointments. Hopelessness was the dream being savored, day in and day out.

His first creative u-turn came when he turned his back on his bachelor’s degree in the arts. He found himself in the deeply logical world of business, painfully removed from his creativity. As he focused ever more nervously on the insidious fear that lived inside him that encouraged him to stay comfortable, do what is convenient and avoid rocking the boat, he slowly resigned himself to a life he never imagined. There he stayed for almost 4 years.

At the end of 2002 an opportunity appeared and it was accompanied by a precious moment of clarity and courage. He fulfilled a dream he had been harboring for many years, and moved to New York City. It was magical and in hindsight it was easy. Despite the fears, the entire move happened in 1 month. He was home.

During a chance meeting at a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan he met a friend, who proved to be a pivotal guide in his life. Kind, unfettered & silently strong his friend insisted that he explore within. It was now 2004.

Here is where his journey truly began, as he embarked on his hero’s journey — a journey of discovering what lies inside. His hopelessness in life’s repetition gave way to the exhilaration of constantly striving, overcoming, and becoming – all things that ultimately revealed to him his truest yearnings and allowed him to relish rather than resent life’s Sisyphean tasks.

He is writing these chapters now, and his passion is using painting and writing to document other people’s stories.

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