About the Commissions

The Commission Process

Most commissions include four steps, please read more about A Superlative Becoming commission experience here. Depending on your needs, the commission process itself can be scaled to fit your requirements.


I paint in an ever-evolving abstract expressionist style that includes spirited application of paint, thoughtful composition and multiple layers of meaning and significance. This style has become my signature using a combination of acrylic paint & pencil on canvas.

Prices & Duration of Commissions

Prices are determined by you based on the following 3 factors, and will be discussed fully during your consultation:

  • The Size of the Final Painting
  • The Desired Completion Date
  • The Steps of Your Particular Commission Process

The typical duration of a commission ranges from 1 – 2 months.

Reserve your Superlative Becoming Experience, call 646-961-3615 or email the studio at info@travisbrimner.com for a consultation.