About the Commissions

Celebrating Your Triumph is my Subject

It is easy to forget why we have strived for the things we have in our lives. Life moves ever more quickly and sweeps our awareness of our achievements under its clicking clock, forcing our focus on the future and away from our existing accomplishments. An abstract portrait by Travis Tyler Brimner celebrates an achievement in your life by capturing it in both paint and words. Anything you’ve strived for and earned in your life is a possible candidate for exploration in your abstract portrait – that position with your company for which you so badly craved (and got), the meeting of that one special person (whom you ultimately married), or the desire (and action required) to constantly and simply become a better version of yourself. All subjects and desires are on the table. Regardless of the area of your life you choose to explore, we discover together the aliveness of these fleeting moments, which make you uniquely you. This is what sets Travis apart, with his talent and vision to remind you of what makes you unique.

The Commission Process

Most commissions include four steps, please read more about the process here. Depending on your needs, the commission process itself can be scaled to fit your requirements.


Travis paints in an ever-evolving abstract expressionist style that includes spirited application of paint, thoughtful composition and multiple layers of meaning and significance. This style has become his signature using a combination of acrylic paint & pencil on canvas.

Prices & Duration of Commissions

Travis’ prices are determined by you based on the following 3 factors, and will be discussed fully during your consultation:

  • The Canvas Size for the Final Canvas
  • The Desired Completion Date
  • The Steps of Your Particular Commission Process

The typical duration of a commission ranges from 1 – 3 months.

Reserve your Journey in Paint & Words, call 646-961-3615 or email the studio at info@travisbrimner.com for a consultation.